Payment Terms

These payment terms and conditions (“Conditions”) apply to any sale or provision of items,
equipment and/or services by REES ELECTRICS to the customer and, where a quotation is
made, will be deemed to form part of that quotation.

By engaging REES ELECTRICS, the customer agrees to comply with the Conditions.

The customer must pay REES ELECTRICS for goods and services supplied within 7 days of
the date of the REES ELECTRICS invoice.

The customer expressly agrees that if the customer fails to pay REES ELECTRICS the full
invoiced price of any goods and services, within 7 days of the date of the REES ELECTRICS
invoice, then REES ELECTRICS immediately has the right to:

  1. charge interest on overdue amounts at the rate of 2% per annum more than the rate,
    from time to time, fixed by the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983 (Vic);
  2. appoint a debt collection agency to pursue the customer for the invoice price (plus
    interest and associated costs (including debt collection and legal costs on a full
    indemnity basis)). The customer expressly consents to REES ELECTRICS providing
    the customer’s personal information to such debt collection agency for this purpose,
    and the customer agrees to indemnify REES ELECTRICS in respect of such debt
    collection costs (on a full indemnity basis);
  3. bring an action against the customer for payment of the outstanding invoice (plus
    interest and associated costs (including legal fees on a full indemnity basis)), and the
    customer agrees to indemnify REES ELCETRICS in respect of all costs associated
    with such action (on a full indemnity basis);
  4. refuse to supply any other goods or services to the customer;
  5. claim the return of any goods in the possession of the customer where title of such
    goods has not passed to the customer;
  6. retain any security given or money paid by the customer, and may apply such
    security or money against the loss and damage incurred by REES ELECTRICS in
    respect of the customer’s failure to pay the invoice; and
  7. without notice, make all moneys owing by the customer to REES ELECTRICS, on
    any account, immediately due and payable.

REES ELECTRICS may vary the Conditions from time to time, and the Conditions, as varied,
will be published on the REES ELECTRICS website.